Please see below for the results of the Students’ Union election:

The Clubs and Societies Officer

Rachel Jackson                                  82

RON (Re-open Nominations)      48

Unanswered                                      10

Rachel Jackson is elected as The Clubs and Societies Officer


The Environments Officer

Erin Eagling                                         86

RON (Re-open Nominations)      42

Unanswered                                      12

Erin Eagling is elected as The Environments Officer


The Events and Fundraising Officer

Hollie-Ann Cristofoli                        48

Connor Sharman                              43

RON (Re-open Nominations)      39

Unanswered                                      10

Hollie-Ann Cristofoli is elected as The Events and Fundraising Officer


The FE Officer

Ellen Hedge                                        108

RON (Re-open Nominations)      26

Unanswered                                      6

Ellen Hedge is elected as The FE Officer


The LGBT+ Officer

Emaley Doull                                      60

Sian Leslie                                           17

Franky Sewter                                   26

Jordan Townsend                            12

RON (Re-open Nominations)      19

Unanswered                                      6

Emaley Doull is elected as The LGBT+ Officer


The Men's Welfare Officer

Luke Groom                                       105

RON (Re-open Nominations)      28

Unanswered                                      7

Luke Groom is elected as The Men's Welfare Officer


The Women's Officer

Emily Staley                                        85

RON (Re-open Nominations)      44

Unanswered                                      11

Emily Staley is elected as The Women's Officer


The total number of votes was 140.

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