The Student's Union President for 2019-2020

Emily Staley- SU President 2019-2020

"I’m Emily Staley I am the President of the Students’ Union here at City College Norwich. I have been an active part of the SU for two years now. I first began my journey with being elected the Women’s Officer for two years 2017-2019. My passion grew for the Union and this enhanced my motive to become the new Student Union President. I first enrolled to CCN after I relocated from Adelaide, South Australia in 2015. This was when I began studying my GCSE’s for two years. After this, I began my Level 2 Health and Social Care course and passed with the final grade of Distinction*Distinction*. Then, I completed my first year of Level 3 Health and Social Care.

I am an active member of the College Executive Management team and a Governor who sits on the Board, Curriculum and Standards Committee and the Business Committee. I have the power to bring the student voice to any level of the corporation, so I encourage you to come to the Students’ Union regarding any issue, concern or feedback. This will allow us to enhance Student Voice and to create positive change.

It's time to challenge minds, be inspired and to make our voices heard!

Feel free to stop by the office or contact me via email:"

(Elections for this role will open April 2020)



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Students' Union Office: Ipswich Road Campus room A40a
Affiliated by NUS

Contact the SU- Tel: 01603 773077 Email:

Drop in: Monday to Thursday 8:30- 17:00 / Fridays 8:30-16:30  Paston College Drop in: Thursdays in the Cafe Seating Area