So, you want to become an SU officer? FANTASTIC! Heres how to get started...

Step 1: Get Nominated

If you want to run as a candidate in the elections you’ll need to complete a Nomination Form. It’s not quite as scary as applying for your first job, but there is a right and wrong way of doing things that will be all new to you. Firstly pick up a Nomination Form (should you not find one in this pack) from either the SU Office, Advice Shop reception, Norfolk House Reception or download all the documents and information online from Blackboard. Whichever position you are standing for, you will need a student to propose you, and another student to second your application – i.e. sign your Nomination Form – that’s 2 names plus your own. When you sign your Nomination Form you are signing to say that you are happy to stand for the post and won’t break the rules. You must read the Constitution including the Election Regulations. These are set by the Constitution so it is imperative that you adhere to these rules (it’s a long document but it is important). Nomination Forms must be completed and handed in along with your Manifesto and campaigning material (including an electronic copy) to the Executive Office, (Norwich Building B40) or Student Services (Paston) no later than 5pm on Monday 8th October 2018. If you can, hand them in early so that everything can be checked, and if there are any problems these can be rectified before the deadline. Any late or incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Step 2: The Manifesto

‘A Manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature’. We all know that writing your Manifesto can be rather daunting, so we have put down a few tips and techniques to get you on your way. This document should say who you are and what you intend to do if elected. It is your opportunity to encourage students to vote for you and to sell yourself as a credible candidate. A copy of your Manifesto will be displayed and available to read on Blackboard. When writing your Manifesto, you should consider the following points:

• Who are you? What do you study? What do you enjoy doing?

• 300 words maximum!

• Why are you running? What do you think you can bring?

• What would you like to see in the next year if elected?

• Be truthful, don’t make unrealistic promises that you know you can’t keep.

• Keep it brief and to the point.

• Try to make your Manifesto as eye catching and creative as you can.

• Use powerful wording and the power of 3 i.e. I will… I will… I will…

• More help and advice is available from us in the Students’ Union.

• An electronic version must be provided; you can email this or pop it on a memory stick.

Step 3: Campaigning Material

Just like your Manifesto, your campaigning material is there to make you visible to the students around campus and to make people aware your running. However please note this needs to be approved by the Returning Officer before campaigning begins! It’s a great opportunity for students to be able to recognise you and gives you the chance to collar them in the hall ways and promote yourself (all good fun). So what should your campaigning material do?

• Be eye catching and bold.

• Don’t be scared to be creative, the more creative the better. • Maybe picture of yourself so you can be recognised and memorable.

• Show your passion for your vision using simple and punchy language.

• Get your campaign team to help you with your promotion.

• Like before if you need any more help, advice is available from the Students’ Union.

• You can request for your campaigning material (for example printing of posters) up front, and any additional ones throughout the election as long as you stay in budget!

• An electronic version (if applicable) must be provided to the Returning Officer before campaigning begins.

• Examples include, T-shirts, cakes (everyone loves free cake!!) the more attention it gets the better!!

Ok – so you now have your Application, Manifesto and campaign material handed in, so what’s next….

Step 4: Campaigning

Once Nominations have been announced the campaigning can begin. Campaigning training that you can access should be offered by the Returning Officer, this way we hope to help you have a confident, well thought out campaign. So what should you think about when campaigning?

• Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. to get people aware that you are running and the position you’re running for. But DON’T set these up before campaigning starts, it can lead to you being removed from the election.

• Make posters, cakes, flags, badges, t-shirts, and purchase additional campaigns material through the Returning Officer.

• You will be given a budget of £20 for a part time officers post for campaigning materials.

• Be confident and talk to as many students as possible, a vote is a vote!

• Please respect the other candidates, do not interfere with the publicity, remove or deface any of their materials.

• All campaigning material MUST go through your ‘Returning Officer’ just to make sure it is ok. They will deal with sorting out your campaigning materials being printed etc for you.

• All candidates MUST adhere to good conduct throughout the entire course of the elections, which I’m sure won’t be a problem at all.

• Most Importantly: Please be aware there are rules and regulations to abide by whilst campaigning and these can be found on page 8 to 11 under Election Regulations.

Keep your eyes peeled for up and coming training.

Step 5: Candidates Question Time

Candidate Question Time (Hustings) will take place at Norwich (Ipswich Road Campus) on Wednesday 31st October 2018 (12:00 - 13:00) in the Start Up Lounge (Interaction Theatre) and Paston in the Nelson Room on Thursday 1st November 2018. The Question Time will be yours and the students of CCN chance to challenge other candidates about what they want to achieve, how they will represent the students and a great chance to get your voice heard! At the same time, be prepared to be challenged over anything related to your election, so keep your Manifesto and notes handy as you never know what sort of questions will be asked. Each of the candidates will have an equal amount of time to answer each of the set questions (as submitted by the students of City College Norwich) and then questions will be opened up to the floor for any of audience to question the candidates. Any candidate absent from Question Time without sending apologies to the Returning Officer, in advance shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the election.

Step 6: Voting

So whilst you are working hard campaigning and encouraging your fellow peers to vote for you, they will be casting their votes. How can students vote for you? If you log onto Blackboard there is a voting section on there. Voting will take place from Monday 29th October 2018 - Friday 2rd November 2018 and will be open 24 hours a day (for e-voting). To vote online, students simply follow the “Students’ Union Election 2018” tab on the left side of Blackboard and click to support who they want to see leading the Students’ Union next year. Also, electronic copies of Manifestos and campaigning material will be available in order to get a real understanding of the varied candidates. Remember though students – you can only vote once!



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